Welcome to sassy chic shop! We here provide women with all kinds of goods and gifts, We offer anything from clothes, To handbags and even jewellery. We offer anything for your ladie needs and anything pink!

We will start with a dressmaking course for all your ladies out there. It is important to learn more about sewing and stiching. Have you ever wanted to make your own beautiful pink clothing out of fabric? Well now you easily can with our courses offering wide knowledge.

We feel selling Handbags on our site is perfect for our pink overal, If your wondering why our site is all pink theme it is because we want to theme it to love and women only.

We also do purses with a printed coating of your choice, A wide range of lepord or lion coated printing to show off your purses to all your friends and to keep up to date with all the new fashion. Our Purses do not only look good, But they do have a really good purpose. You can easily store your cards and money in their so you don't not have to carry around lose change in your pocket which is alot more riskey. Our purses also offer a great strap to attach to your shoulder so you don't have to physically carry it around with you.

We like to printing as you can tell so we like printed clothing as we like the style and we think it will suit you alot more, Why not try our printing clothing, Especially if you have never worn printed clothing before. This can be a great opportunity for you and once you do it you will honestly never go back.

Our best and lest thing we sell is jewellery, This is essential for the ladies looking for great styles, Every women must try jewellery and its always great to show of your jewellery to friends and family. We offer many different sizes and styles but we guarentey any type of jewellery we sell will not letter you down.